Dauphin Island Chamber of Commerce
Cadillac Square Park   

The name Cadillac Square Park comes from the fact that this was the site of the home of M. de La Mothe
the city of Detroit in 1701, moved to Dauphin Island in 1713 along with his wife, son and daughters.
The park provides picnic tables and bathrooms for the general public. It is also a central location for
access to the island-long Bike Path.
East End Park
Located on the extreme eastern tip of the Island
(next to Historic Fort Gaines) this facility offers a 250-foot pier, free boat launches, three picnic gazebos
and dock. Fishing is popular from the pier and the rock jetty system along side. From this location,
visitors can also see ships from all over the world as they enter and leave the Port of Mobile.
Bayou Heron Park

A quite, peaceful waterfront park popular with bird watchers and others. A small pier is provided as well
as picnic tables and benches. It has a great view of the 3 ½ mile bridge connecting Dauphin Island to the
Aloe Bay Landing Park
This small waterfront park is the ideal location to watch shrimp and crab boats This small waterfront
park is located in the coming and going as well as work boats related to the offshore gas industry. Picnic
tables and benches are provided.
Magnolia Park
This is a very small, pedestrian-access only roadside park located between the ferry landing and
Historic Fort Gaines. Originally designed to give walk-on visitors from the ferry a shaded spot to picnic
and cool-off, it has also Bike path. Besides picnic tables and benches, a porch swing hanging from a
large magnolia limb is also provided.  
Quarles Skate Park   Whether you are young, or just young at heart, grab your board and head out for our new skate park!
Salt Creek Park Located on Bienville boulevard this quaint little park has a nice gazebo for the parents and a playground for
the kids.  Also, just steps away from the wooden bridge crossing the creek which is a big hit with kids and grown ups alike.  
Pryor Park located at 1301 Chaumont Ave.  Pull up a seat on one of the benches and relax...sit, read, or just watch the
beautiful birds.  
Green Park
Located on Lemoyne Drive, a place to take a quite break and enjoy the beautiful oak trees
Our gulf shoreline facilities are located next to the Dauphin Island Pier. There
you will find group pavilions, bathrooms, outdoor showers, a playground and
connecting boardwalks
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Sand Island Lighthouse is located roughly three miles from the Mobile Bay
entrance with Mobile Point to the east and Dauphin Island to the west. The
lighthouse is 132 feet (40 m) high. To learn more about Sand Island Lighthouse
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The Estuarium is the primary marine research and educational center in the
state of Alabama.  This 10,000 square foot facility focuses on the   ide array of
marine life that makes up the waters of Alabama.  While providing a rich
educational background, the exhibits showcase the beauty of marine life that
make up the Mobile Tensaw River Delta, Mobile Bay, the Barrier Islands, and the
Northern Gulf of Mexico.
Through beautiful visual exhibits and engaging interactive exhibits, the
Estuariumwill leave you with a broader understanding of the interactions that
take place in Mobile Bay, the fourth largest estuary system in the United States.


Fort Gaines has been called one of the best preserved examples of 19th century
brick seacoast fortifications in the east. It was a key element in the Battle of   Mobile
Bay, famous for Admiral Farragut’s command “Damn the torpedoes-full  speed
ahead! ” See the actual cannons used in battle, the huge anchor of  Farragut’s flag
ship, tunnels, original blacksmith shop, bakery, latrine, and Quartermaster
building. Be sure to visit the Officer’s Quarters building, museum and gift shop. Self
guided history brochure available at entrance. Renowned living history events
including the colonial period are held throughout the year.
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Romantic cruises, sunset cruises, inshore or Island and Middle Bay Lighthouses,
shore fishing or just tooling around the island.
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SURFS UP!!!   Yes, you really can surf on Dauphin Island.  Surfing is another exciting activity
enjoyed my many.  When the surf is flat, you can also enjoy Stand-Up Paddle boarding as a
great way to explore the island's beautiful shorelines.

Biking is synonymous with life on Dauphin Island. With over 8 miles of dedicated paved bike
trails running the length of the island, and also a section from the bridge to the main
intersection at our unique water tower, makes biking an enjoyable experience here.
Additionally, every lane and street is perfect for biking and exploring the charm of this laid
back island that reminds many of times past. Biking to the beaches, parks and attractions
such as the Estuarium, the Audubon bird sanctuary, and Fort Gaines is a must. You can even
bike to the ferry and ride over to Fort Morgan for a perfect day trip to this special area,
including beaches almost to yourselves. With several bike rental locations and some rentals
that furnish bikes, you will have no problem enjoying the experience biking has to offer on
our special island.
Bellingrath Gardens and Home

Throughout the year, this 65 acre Garden Estate is in full bloom with
camellias in the winter, azaleas in the spring, roses in the summer,
chrysanthemums in autumn and Magic Christmas in Lights during the
holiday season.
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The Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center

With more than 150 interactive exhibits, thought-provoking
larger-than-life IMAX films, and fun, hands-on educational
programming, the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center aspires to
increase science literacy among the people of south Alabama and the
Gulf Coast region, residents and visitors alike.
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Discover the Birthplace of Mardi Gras

The Mobile Carnival Museum offers 14 gallery rooms, a pictorial
hallway, theater, den (social gathering area) and gift shop
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Dauphin Island is classified as a "Globally Important Bird Area" by the American Bird
Conservancy.  Each Fall hundreds of various species of birds visit our area as they make
their way South to the tropics.  It is one of the top four locations in North America for
viewing birds during their Spring Migration as they make their way back home.  During  both
migrations, Dauphin Island is the last point where birds stop to rest before continuing their
journey.   Visit the
Dauphin Island Audobon Bird Sanctuary to view these beautiful birds up
close.  The Sanctuary consists of 137 acres of beautiful woods and  marshes.  Stop by
Galliard Lake while touring the walking trail and take in the beautiful scenery.  Egrets and
Herons exploring the marsh, songbirds singing overhead, and...if you are lucky you may
even spot a resident alligator sunning on the bank.


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